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1988 924S SP2 - Northeast -$6000
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Author:  JP66 [ Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  1988 924S SP2 - Northeast -$6000

EDIT(8/3/17): New price does not include drivers seat or harness and only 1 set of wheels with new Hoosiers with 1 heat cycle and a total of 8 laps on them. The engine alone is worth more than $6000 and add in tires and the AIM G-Dash and you're talking a real bargain. The engine is professionally built by Body Motion of Long Island, NY and has less than 20 hours TT.

I affectionately call this car the Ugly Duckling. The body has numerous battle scars BUT the heart of this car is that of a lion and the guts are second to none. I bought this car last year with the plan to make it my "learning platform". I spared no expense to make everything right mechanically but left the exterior untouched. My loss your gain is that I have decided I would rather race something that drives more like my Cayman R so I bought an F class race car and now have 2 race cars which is one too many.

Current PCA logbook since I just raced at the Glen with video below.

2.7L Rothmann engine rebuilt by Bodymotion in 2013 less than 20 hours TT
AIM G-Dash with Evo 4 data logger
4L SPA Automatic Foam Fire suppression system
Tarett Engineering Swaybar and Drop link
Koni adjustable shocks
1 set of wheels
1 set Hoosiers brand new with only one heat cycle
wide view mirror
custom dead pedal
new fuel line
new rotors front and rear with one race
Serpentine belt
ignition wires
4 new wheel bearings
2 new axles

The car was professionally maintained by Speed Sport Tuning of Danbury, CT where it is currently stored plus the car was driven and adjusted by Van Svenson and Simon Kirkby to optimize the setup.

Mind you I'm a rookie and don't ask why I was in the back of the pack for this race even though I qualified 5th of 12 in warmups, but I think you can see this car has what it takes to be VERY competitive. Data shows I was WAY under utilizing the tires and the car has an easy 2 secs better time in it and that is off my best time which is not shown in the video but was 2:20.2. Most importantly people say "the car is ready to race" when in fact it needs new harness or new belts or new extinguishers, but not this car. I just raced 2 weekends ago. Buy this car, put in a new seat and harness, and race next weekend :D

I will note that in the video the car breaks in lap 8 but all that happened was a 2 cent nut backed off the linkage to the clutch which is one of the 944/924 known weak points. Obviously the linkage has been replaced.

Joe (914)-656-5418 peckja@aol.com






Author:  Director [ Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1988 924S SP2 - Northeast

Price? Location?

Author:  JP66 [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1988 924S SP2 - Northeast -$6000

Sold. Thanks all!

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